Doll Bed Mattress and Pillow Sets Custom Made To Fit Your Doll Bed

Sometimes the perfect little doll bed doesn't have the perfect mattress or pillow to go with it. I can make replacement mattresses and pillows in the size you need for your doll beds. They are made with a soft, heavy 100% cotton shell and 100% polyester filling. The mattress core is densified polyester which gives the firmness of foam without the safety issues traditional foam has. All seams are sewn with heavy duty cotton thread and have hand sewn openings. The mattress is "tied" with heavy cotton thread. The finished result is soft and slightly overstuffed. Pillows can be made to any size and proportional to a standard size bed pillow. They are fully filled with soft polyester.


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Please contact me if you would like a mattress and pillow set made for your doll bed. The measurements I'll need are the width and length of the part of the bed that the mattress will sit on. I make the mattress exactly to the measurements you give me, so please account for any structural aspects of the bed and also if you'll need room to tuck doll bedding. I'll also need to know what thickness you'll need your mattress to be. The most common thickness I make is 2" but your bed may need something different. The best way to know is to take a ruler and measure what the best thickness would be for your bed. I'll also need to know what size pillow you would like. Usually, just the width is fine and I'll make the other measurement proportional. If you already have doll bedding that you are fitting to, just let me know what size works best for that.

Contact me with any questions or to request a custom order.

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