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Please feel free to contact me through email.

One of the first questions asked about custom orders is "price". My prices fluctuate based on size, materials, and intricacy of design. In order to be able to give you the best answer as far as price, I'll need some basic information from you. And of course the ideas could be expanded on or changed through future communication.

If you would like a mattress and pillow set made, I'll need the width x length x thickness you'll need. There is more information on my Doll Mattress & Pillow Set page. There is no price difference for choice of covering.

For quilts, I'll need the size you want it to finish at, pattern or style, fabric choices, and colors. For more information please see my Doll Quilts page. For sheet sets, I'll need your mattress and pillow size, how you'd like your top sheet to fit, general embroidery pattern, and color threads. See my Doll Sheet Set page for general information.

It often helps to have a picture of the doll bed or doll this will be for. It's usually not possible to do color matching through computer images, though sometimes it helps. Often a verbal description is clearer. As an example, "pink". There is a wide range of pinks, but a description helps to make sure I'm thinking the in the same direction you are.

It will be important for me to know if there is a date you'll need this by. A lot of the handwork I do is time consuming so I'll need to make sure I can fit within your timeframe.

You can also add any information you feel relevent. Everything helps in creating the final picture :)


I do special orders as my time permits. Please use the contact form or feel free to email me the address below. Your information and email address will not be used for any other purpose.

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