Handmade Sheet Sets for Doll Beds

featuring hand embroidered designs and crocheted edgings

Traditional Embroidered Designs

Hand embroidered with vintage or antique patterns for traditional charm. There are many styles, designs and color choices available.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Made with 200 thread count 100% cotton, these doll sheet sets are meant to be played with. They have enclosed French seams where possible, finished seams where not. Fitted bottom sheet is made to completely enclose the mattress with an envelope style opening on the underside. This reduces bulk and eliminates the need for it to be tucked. Once it's on, it stays put.

Hand Crocheted Edgings

Securely attached edgings on the top sheet and pillowcase are hand crocheted with tiny crochet thread. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from.

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Vintage Inspired Handmade Doll Bedding

logoNew, vintage inspired doll sheet sets custom made to fit your special doll bed. Heirlooms of tomorrow, they feature hand embroidery and hand crocheted edgings along the pillowcase and top sheet and include a fitted bottom sheet.

When I was a little girl, my Grandmother had the most wonderful sheets and pillowcases on her beds. They were embroidered with crocheted edging. Each one was unique and special.

My little doll sheets are intended to be a tiny taste of that. They are handmade and can include hand embroidery and hand crocheted edgings on the pillowcase and top sheet. The bottom sheet is made to completely enclose your mattress with an envelope style closure on the bottom. I use high thread count 100% cotton fabric, most often white but also in soft colors occassionally. The crocheted edging can be almost any color. If made with a quilt, the colors are carefully chosen to coordinate as a set.

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