Dollhouse Miniature Bedding

handmade at Kurthwood Cottage

Custom Made to Fit Your Dollhouse and Bed

Made in the colors and styles that work in your dollhouse, sized to fit your dollhouse bed.

Authentically Made - Scaled Designs

Real little quilts made in the same way large quilts would be made. Scaled as much as possible to look like a quilt. Thinly batted to improve drape and hand quilted. The sheet sets are hand embroidered with tiny hand crocheted edgings.

Dollhouse Rugs Too!

Vintage inspired handmade miniature rugs made from antique patterns. Choose colors to coordinate with your little rooms.

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Dollhouse Miniature Bedding

Teeny tiny quilts, doll linens, and rugs that are made to fit your miniature beds and dollhouses. I love the tiny challenges of miniature doll bedding. While sewing these miniatures, I feel like I am creating for a tiny world where measurements are further reduced to "a needle's width", "a deep breath" and "a whisper". This is a world where precision rules and "bulk" is the enemy. :)

The miniature quilts are authentically made in the same way a large quilt would be made. These scaled down versions are pieced or appliqued and then hand quilted. I use very thin batting so that they will drape well on your miniature bed.

I also make tiny miniature sheet sets. The pillowcase and top sheet can be hand embroidered with a tiny hand crocheted edging. The bottom sheet is made to enclose your mattress with an envelope type closure on the underside. This further reduces bulk and stays put once it is on the mattress.

The rugs are needle punch embroidered which gives them the loopy effect of a hooked rug. I have many vintage and antique embroidery designs that work well with these little rugs. The design choices are limitless as far as color and pattern.

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