Doll Quilt or Blanket

doll quilt detail

These are a few examples of doll quilts custom made to fit your doll and bed. Heirloom of tomorrow quality, they are authentically made in the same way a large quilt would be made. Using quality materials and careful workmanship, they are made and meant to be played with and last a long time.

Attention is given to scaling the block size to the smaller size of the quilt. Countless hours are spent carefully piecing or appliqueing the top. They are thinly batted appropriate to their size and then hand quilted.

Using traditional quilt block patterns and traditional methods, these new quilts have a vintage look. Pictured are a very small representation of the many doll quilts I have made. There are many patterns, fabric combinations, and colors to choose from that would make your custom doll quilt all your own.

pinwheel doll quilt

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like a quilt custom made for your doll bed

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