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Can you tell me more about your product?

I make custom doll bedding made to fit your doll bed. Because the bedding isn't ready made, the customer has the opportunity for input into the design, style, colors, and fabrics. It's a little different than walking into a store where you buy what they have.. or not. For example, imagine the look you would get if you walk up to a sales clerk and say "I want doll bedding for my Granddaughter that is sweet, soft, timeless and lets her know how much I love her".Or, "I like this part, but could you change this part? this color?" At, we can email back and forth until we decide how best to accomplish just that.

What are the sizes for your doll bedding?

What are the measurements of your doll bed? The doll bedding I make is custom sized to fit your doll bed.

What are your prices?

That varies depending on size, degree of intricacy, and what you have in mind. I can give you an exact price once those details are worked out.

How long does it take to receive the doll bedding?

That is the hardest question for me to answer. First, because the bedding is custom designed a lot of time goes into the planning. While I have a mental plan of how it will turn out, it doesn't always turn out that way in reality. If something doesn't quite work along the way, more time goes into modifying it to make it right. Also, while I have A LOT of supplies on hand, sometimes I don't have just the right thing to make your bedding exactly what you want and then time goes by while I order just the right color of something or other. Much of what I do is by hand as it adds a touch that can't be accomplished any other way. This is tremendously time consuming. Last, but not least is "life". Part of any creative process is living and enjoying all you do. I can work with time frames and deadlines, however I work best with balance.

Do you make anything other than doll bedding?


Will you make bedding for "real" babies, cribs and bassinets?

No. There are many safety issues and changing guidelines regarding baby bedding.  My doll bedding doesn't address these issues and is not intended for any use other than for dolls.

Contact me with any questions or to request a custom order.

Thank you for your interest

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