Doll Beds and Cradles

handmade at Kurthwood Cottage

Solid Construction

Constructed of pine wood. No plywood, composites, fillers or glue. Sanded smooth with rounded edges. Inset screws covered with flat wood plugs. Non toxic natural finish. This is a heavy well built doll cradle and with care will last for many years.

Non Toxic Finishes

Light colored non toxic natural finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood and goes well with many colors of doll bedding.

Bedding to Fit

All cradles and doll beds come with a mattress and pillow with a choice of coverings available. I plan to add optional sheet sets and doll quilts to fit this bed in a variety of colors and styles.

recently handmade at Kurthwood Cottage

doll cradle
doll cradle with bedding
canopy doll bed

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to request a custom order.

Thank you for your interest.

Kurthwood Cottage logoI have wanted to add handmade doll beds for a very long time and am so excited to have gotten to this point. I plan on starting with a baby doll cradle and add doll beds geared toward other dolls as well. A good portion of the custom doll bedding I have made has been for vintage and antique doll beds. So many of them have been passed along made by a Father, Grandfather or even Great Grandfather. I love the sentiment and tradition, but not all of us have a doll bed in our attic to pass along. For me, a big criteria in offering these beds is that they are made in a way that can be played with now and with care, passed along.

First and foremost is consideration for the children who play with them. As with everything made at Kurthwood Cottage, each material and construction decision has been carefully weighed with safety in mind. All doll beds are made of solid wood, no plywood or composites and have child safe non toxic finishes. With children, how something feels is important. The cradle surfaces have been sanded smooth and have rounded edges to make playing with them that much nicer.

I welcome any questions or comments.

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